Our desire to be the best has guided us to provide superior products which includes road building.

Alwaheed & Sons

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    Lets us handle construction work 

    We are providing best construction services

    We Equip Leaders With Strategy and Vision

    Our desire to be the best has guided us to provide superior products which includes road building, asphalt paving, structural concrete, concrete flatwork, underground utilities, fiber optic installation, equipment rental and trucking and many more.

    Our basic aim is to provide best services in construction, interior, building alternations and building renovations. We improve our services day by day and learn from our projects. Money is not our goal but we get-together to gain knowledge, to create something new, to bond hearty relationship, to get joy and light of happiness in life. Our client is our asset and our employee is our family. We believe in teamwork. Every person who involved in our work is equally deserves the success and honor. We always try to help who are weaker than us. Togetherness is success for us.

    Our Services In Construction Area

    • Constructional Services

      We perform all concrete, masonry, carpentry, painting and labor tasks with our own people. By taking the lead, we can you that the traditional high standards of quality, efficiency, cost control and schedule are built into your job. Our organization is dedicated to the highest level of professionalism and integrity as we carry out our assignments, and we will always remain focused on our primary goal insuring that our clients projects are completed on time.

       The unique qualities of our construction are following

      • Customized and Expedite Construction.
      • Standard Raw Material with Latest Technology & Equipment
      • Standard Procedure & Time constraint
    • Interior Service

      We take great pride in stating that our 70% clientele is repeat customers with whom we have bonded well with our excellent work culture and positive attitude. We have enclosed a list of our clients and some pictures of our completed projects for your perusal. Our advance computer technology helps you manage effectively, concise r eports track schedule and budget performance dynamically, capturing all costs as they are incurred and projecting the impact of changes in project requirements. You know the exposure of schedule and costs by the minute. We will deliver your project whatever its size or scope, with the level of personal, hands-on attention you would demand from a member of your own team. We provide complete solution of all kind of interior work like Wood work, Aluminum work, Machinery provision and installation like ATMs, Air Condition, Kitchen & Both work, floors tiles, wall and painting etc.

    • Renovation

      We posses extensive experience in interior as well as exterior renovations comprising Prompt bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and large additions and facelifts of the exterior of building.

      Building Renovations Services

      Extension – Additional floors, rooms, extending rooms, stouts, balcony and portico.
      Alteration – Building correction, civil and carpentry work corrections, adding windows, providing ventilation, additional counter slabs, lofts, supports, creating partitions, creating multi level floors, pavements, making new or additional entrances, widening the passage and more.

      Interior Renovations Wall cladding, paneling, carpentry correction; Refurbishing doors (painting polishing), window openings; re-fabrication work for curtains, sofa and sitting upholstery; Wall painting, false ceiling, floor polishing, plumbing works, and electrical works.

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    “Our Vision is to set an efficiency benchmark in Supplier industry, by a flexible frame work, customized according to current market condition, to render our services in order to optimize best results out of it.”

    Alwaheed and Sons CEO

    Alwaheed & Sons

    Marketing Consultant Expert

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